Prints On Demand

We can collaborate with you to create dynamic art with scope and style for your site-specific needs with our print-on-demand (POD) capabilities. Created especially with designers, art consultants, architects, galleries, and corporate entities in mind, we are able to customize art to your substrate and size specifications. On each zoomed image page, you will find a proportion/pricing calculator and information about that particular image’s POD availability. For additional information or for a custom quote, please call our office or send an e-mail to

Custom printings are available on the following substrates:

Smooth Fine Art Paper - PPR(S)
For an affordable solution, consider our smooth fine art paper option for custom printing. Our bright white, matte paper weighs in at 192 gsm and is available in a maximum width of 64".

Textured Fine Art Paper - PPR(T)
Our 310 gsm textured archival stock has an impeccable rag surface for top-of-the-line fine art paper prints. The maximum paper width is 44" and we recommend 2" borders all around. This translates to a maximum image short side of 40". You may specify any length.

Canvas (unstretched) image

Unstretched Canvas - CVS (shown stretched above)
A cost-effective, lightweight choice for stylish wall displays, canvas is ideal for large or multiple-piece hangings. Our maximum material width is 64" (you can print any length) and we recommend 3 1/2" borders all around for stretching purposes. This equates to a maximum of 57" for the image’s short side. After printing, we finish our canvases with a light spray of water-based, matte UV coating for protection. Stretching options and costs are available upon request.

Acrylic image

Acrylic - ACR
Images are printed directly to an acrylic panel on the reverse side, allowing the art to show through our standard 3/8" depth. Edges are flame-polished and corners are drilled for stand-off hardware which is available in sets of four upon request for an extra charge.

Brushed Aluminum image

Brushed Aluminum - ALU
Thin sheets of aluminum are surfaced on 1/8" thick composite material, creating a lightweight, rigid surface that imparts a unique metallic sheen to the art. Maximum print size: 48" x 96". We recommend floataway Z-bar backing for hanging, available upon request for an extra charge.